January, 30 - February, 2
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50% discount on a double-decker bus excursion by City Sightseeing

Sightseeing tour on the double-decker bus.
2 routs are included.

♦All Saint-Petersburg`s places of interest
♦Multylanguage audioguide by the professional guide
♦You will get free city-card in the bus

You will get 50% discount for ticket, showing participant`s badge of III National Conference.

You can buy tickets in the buses near the Saint Isaac's Cathedral
(St. Isaac's Square, 4)

This offer is valid from January 30 to February 5 (inclusive).

The bus departure: from St. Isaac's Cathedral every day from 10 am.
Traffic interval: 20-40 minutes.
The last bus departure from St. Isaac's Cathedral: 17:30
Time-break: 13:00 - 14:00
Priority access to the Faberge Museum

♦ 450 rubles - admission ticket
♦ 200 rubles - personal audioguide

You can get museum tickets and audioguide out of turn by showing the participant`s bedge of III National Conference.

This offer is valid from January 30 to February 5 (inclusive).

The museum address: Fontanka river emb., 21.
visiting hours: 10:00 - 20:45
We present events hold on Saint-Petersburg from January, 30 to February, 2
Ballet "Raymonda" at the Mariinsky Theater
"Raymonda" is a knight legend about a young girl who received two marriage proposals on her day of majority. One is from the son of the Hungarian knight Jean de Brien, the second is from the Saracen sheikh Abderakhman

A charming and easy to understand story goes to the music of Alexander Glazunov. Marius Petipa, choreographer of the imperial theaters, staged about a hundred ballets, and Raymond is one of his most successful finds.

When: January, 30 19:00–22:15
January, 31 19:00–22:15

Where: Mariinsky Theatre - Theatre square, 1
The performance "Faithful wife" in the Youth Theater on the Fontanka
The play "The Faithful Wife", written in 1926, is one of the undeniable achievements of the dramatist Moem the dramatist. For it, as for his other works, subtle psychologism is characteristic, the characters are vital and voluminous, and the English humor is refined.

In his play, Semyon Spivak continues to immerse himself in family relations, conflicts and mutual attraction between men and women, as well as public relations and laws that affect these relations. All of these topics one way or another are found in the play "Faithful Wife."

When: January, 30 19:00–21:40

Where: the Youth Theater on the Fontanka
Fontanka river emb., 114
The play "Brodsky. Nowhere "at the Bolshoi Puppet Theater
"Brodsky. Nowhere "- the final production of the poetic project of the Bolshoi Puppet Theater. This is the final part of a triptych dedicated to the cult poets of the twentieth century: Alexander Bashlachev, Vladimir Vysotsky, Joseph Brodsky.

Ruslan Kudashov and the artists of the Bolshoi Puppet Theater, rethinking, feeling the works of the great poet, will present them in a kind of figurative interpretation. Creativity and the life of Brodsky will appear before the audience in the format of phantasmagoria, surreal scenic canvas.

When: January, 30 19:00–20:45

Where: Bolshoi puppet theatre - Nekrasova str., 10
Musical "Cancan" in the Theater of Musical Comedy
The action of the musical develops in Paris - a city that Cole Porter loved with all his heart. At the end of the XIX century, there comes the golden period of art and culture, science and technology. On the bohemian Montmartre there is a café, Mademoiselle Pistas, who entertains her guests with a cancan every evening. Upon learning of this, Judge Forestier threatened the hostess with closure - after all, this obscene dance is prohibited by law! However, even such an adamant peace officer risks not resisting the charms of a seductive dancer ...

The team that staged the Jekyll & Hyde and The Count of Monte Cristo blockbusters worked above the St. Petersburg version of the musical. Viewers expect surprises. In order for everyone to feel like a participant in what is happening, the action is partially transferred to the auditorium. And now the audience has been invited to the evening by Mademoiselle Pistas!

When: January, 30 19:00–22:00
January, 31 19:00–22:15

Where: Theater of Musical Comedy - Italianskaya str., 13
The exhibition "Subtle matter. Fashion 1988-2018 "
There is the exposition "Subtle Matter. 1988–2018 fashion, telling about the main fashion trends of the past 30 years in the White Hall of the General Staff building of the Hermitage. The framework of the exhibition is costumes donated to the museum by the owner of chain of stores "Babochka" Khatuley Avsadzhanashvili. Each year is illustrated with a specific model.

Visitors will see clothes from Givenchy, Loewe, Gucci, Paco Rabanne, Elie Saab, Rochas, Proenza Schouler, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani and other designers.

When: November, 23 2018 – February, 24 2019
tue, thu, sat, sun 10:30–18:00
wed, fri 10:30–21:00

Where: General Staff building
Palace square, 6/8
Exhibition "The jorney with Dostoevsky"
The Museum of Russian Railways and the Fyodor Dostoevsky Literary and Memorial Museum present an exhibition dedicated to the European routes of the writer himself and his characters.

In the car of the beginning of the last century, lithographs and photographs of the XIX century in digital format and multimedia files are shown. It allows to look at the world through Dostoevsky's eyes, to learn about his vision of different cities, aesthetic preferences.

When: December, 20 2018 – February, 17 2019
wed–sun 10:30–18:00

Where: The Museum of Russian Railways
Bibliotechnyiy per., 4, kor. 2
The exhibition "Christ in the dungeon"
The exhibition is devoted to a rather rare but important in Orthodox iconography plot - "Christ in the prison" ("The Midnight Savior") - the imprisonment of Jesus Christ, subjected to reproach and waiting for the ascent of Calvary. The suffering Christ was depicted sitting with a crown of thorns on his head and, more often, with his right hand pressed to his cheek. In the space of the Manege, more than 30 sculptures of the mid-17th-early 19th centuries will be shown.

Where: Central Exhibition Hall "Manege"
St. Isaac's Square, 1
Scarves and shawls in Russia in the 18th – 21st centuries

The exhibition will present more than 600 works of various types of textile art, painting, graphics, decorative and applied and old Russian art, more than 30 sets of costumes, including shawls, shawls, scarves and stoles.

When: December, 20 2018 — March, 11 2019

Where: Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboyedova, 2
The exhibition Ákkta
Anna Nova Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Egor Kraft - an interdisciplinary artist working in Moscow and Berlin. He has taken part in two Moscow Biennials of Contemporary Art and Manifesta 10, nominations for the Innovation Award and Kuryokhin Award.

In his works, the master talks about information, identity, chaos, order, time, perception. Exploring the eternal questions, he turns to the possibilities of modern technology. His works exist on the border today and tomorrow, real and virtual.

When: November, 10 2018 – February, 2 2019
tue–sat 12:00–19:00

Where: Anna Nova Gallery - Zhukovskogo str., 28
The play "Hamlet"
The play's genre is designated as an "essay for the stage": in addition to Shakespeare's tragedy, the production included the texts of the ancient European chroniclers Saxo Grammar and Raphael Holinshed, as well as Boris Pasternak. According to Lev Dodin, he faced a difficult task: at the beginning of work it was difficult to imagine what would happen at the exit. Of course, this is the story of Hamlet, but Hamlet has several authors and sources. The director tried to appeal to each of them.

When: January, 30–31 19:00–21:15

Where: MDT - Theater of Europe - Rubinshtein str., 18
The play "Three Fat Men. Episode 1. Uprising "

The artistic director of BDT, Andrei Moguchy, reinterprets Yury Olesha's famous tale in a new way. The action takes place in a fantasy future, when the alignment of not only earthly forces, but also cosmic ones has changed.

In the story, a highly classified experiment was once carried out long ago, during which scientists opened a portal to another dimension. From there, dark cosmic energy penetrated the planet, known as the Three Fat Men, or T-3. Because of it, chaos reigned on Earth, and evil took hold of human life. It happened in the era of the Great Rapprochement - when Saturn met with Jupiter. Closer, these two planets had a strange effect on the Earth before: cataclysms, wars, revolutions broke out.

When: December, 20 2018 — March, 11 2019

Where: BDT - Fontanka river emb., 65
The play "The Master and Margarita"

Presentation of the unfinished novel in 4 acts, 155 characters, 29 performers. A new large-scale performance is presented by the studios of the workshop of Grigory Kozlov. The novel by Mikhail Bulgakov unfolds before the audience over the course of two evenings.

When: January, 30–31 19:00–23:00

Where: Theater «Masterskaya» - Narodnaya str., 1
The play "Apartment"
The creators of the play refer to the old, almost fabulous film history of the 1960s, to try to answer questions that are of concern to modern man.

The heroes of the play live in a huge city and work in a huge company, where everything is fine-tuned, and where everyone is like a cog in his place. And everyone is single and miserable. Heroes are trying to change something fleeting meetings at the apartment of one bachelor. However, all these meetings did not save from loneliness, but only multiplied him ...

When: February, 1 19:00–21:30

Where: Chamber Theater Malyshitskogo - Vosstania str., 41
The musical "Portrait of Dorian Gray"
Horror musical about the meaning of life and art, the origins of good and evil, about beauty, not subject to any earthly laws.

Oscar Wilde's novel about Dorian Grey, a young man who gave his soul to the devil in return for eternal youth and fascinating appearance, was filmed many times and put on the stage. But today, when the unbridled desire for pleasure and the consumption of material goods has become a life goal for many, such a hero is super-relevant.

When: February, 1–2 19:00–22:00

Where: Theater "Music Hall" - Aleksandrovsky Park, 4M
The play "Blessed Ksenia. The history of love"
The performance is based on the work "Blessed Saint Ksenia of Petersburg in Life" by Russian playwright Vladimir Levanov. In the story, the husband of the protagonist dies unexpectedly. Unable to come to terms with the fact that the pious did not even have time to repent, the woman puts on his dress, cuts her hair and tells everyone that it is not her husband, but she, Xenia, who has died. The performance begins with this scene.

When: February, 2 19:00–20:30

Where: Alexandrinsky Theater - Ostrovskiyi square, 6
The play "Vysotsky. Requiem"

The artistic director of the Bolshoi Puppet Theater Ruslan Kudashov, who created a number of performances dedicated to people in history (Soviet, Russian and world), addressed his performance to fans of the legendary Vladimir Vysotsky - those who understood the poet's work and those who are only on the way.

The performance of the play begins from the end - at the funeral. The plot of the action - an unusual person left his life, and the viewer immediately guesses who. Having lived only 42 years and managed to win the hearts of, perhaps, all Soviet listeners - from young to old, men and women, workers and intellectuals - the poet Vysotsky died.

In the production of the artistic director of the Bolshoi Puppet Theater Ruslan Kudashov, Vysotsky appears before the viewer in all his guises: the director portrayed a poet, musician and actor who, when combined, give the public a bright and piercing performance that takes them away in the 80s.

When: February, 2–3 19:00–21:00

Where: Bolshoi Puppet Theater - Nekrasova str., 10
The play "Three Sisters"
"Three Sisters" Semen Spivak - author's processing, cutting the plot, which has become a classic. But the heroes are the same. And the tragedy is the same. They live, drink, eat, rejoice, wear exquisite clothes, and life around is invisibly upset, quickly and irreversibly. And the question hangs in the air: "What went wrong? What trifle led to such destruction? " Often in our daily life, happiness gives little things. And sometimes the little things can upset us the most. Because notes of anxiety and uncertainty sound so vividly and carry the viewer along.

When: February, 2 18:00–22:30

Where: the Youth Theater on the Fontanka
Fontanka river emb., 114
Exhibition "Garden of Dreams"
Creative space "Lumiere Hall" invites you to the magic "Garden of Dreams". This is an exhibition of light and interactive installations, which includes 15 zones - a nightmare, a lucid dream, a prophetic dream, and so on. In each location, thanks to three-dimensional graphics, audio effects and video mapping, viewers plunge into a fantastic universe, where reality is mixed with the world of dreams.

When: February, 2 19:00–20:30

Where: the New Building of Lumière Hall - Obvodny Kanal emb., 74Е

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