The Exhibition

«Economic knowledge of Russia in the information and educational space of the university and the library»
Joint exhibition project of Unecon and the Presidential Library
About the Exhibition
The unique books of XIX-XX centuries as well as exhibits from the Museum of UNECON are presented to your attention. The exhibition copies belong to the Foundation Rare Book of the UNECON Library and were included in it from private collections of prominent economists and scientis such as Losievskaya V.А., Reikhardt V.V., Varzar V.G., Fridman M.I. as well as from libraries for employees of the State Bank and the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute. The plasma exhibition presents a thematic exhibition books from the collections of the UNECON Library and the Presidential Library.
Exhibition Organizers
Presidential library
Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics

Exhibition creators
Rechitc Elena
The author of the project idea
Malofeeva Ekaterina
Exhibition Curator, exposition part
Alekseev Stanislav
Exhibition Curator, multimedia part
Presidential library
Zilbersher Svetlana
The author of the exhibition content and excursion host
Grigorieva Sofia
Invited expert consultant of the exhibition
Faberge Museum
Nikitina Olga
Director of the library of the Unecon
Maiorov Vladimir
The Director of the Museum of Unecon
1. Arithmometer "Felix" in the box "Felix"
2. Calculator "Leningrad"
3. A set of paper money of the late XIX century in a leather wallet
4. The book "Cash" I.F. Turygina 1905
5. Wooden abacus
6. Set for writing. Includes: glass inkwells, a writing pen, a blotter, a pocket watch, a jar of aspirin, a silver box of matches, a box with a set of feathers for writing
7. Glasses
8. Candle on a candlestick
9. Typewriter "Olympia"
10. Photo Cards XIX centuries.
11. Сase of drawing instruments
12. Sleeve protectors

Multimedia exhibition unit
All materials have been provided by:
Presidential library
Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics`Library

Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics` Museum

The content of the tour is based on the book:
"The fate of library collections. From the Fund of rare editions of the library". Collected articles
Edited by O. V. Nikitina.
Publishing house of St. Petersburg state University of Economics 2015
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